"What value is greater than the value of you?"

Communication Success Made Simple

Say What Matters.

All the things we think we need to say to get what we want is rarely what is required to get what we need. For what we truly need is honest, transparent communication that bridges our highest intention.

Trusted By Some Of Canada's Most Recognized Companies

Our mission is to develop a client’s inherent capacity for building trusting, productive relationships through honest, compassionate and accountable communication.


What conversation do you know you need to have that you are resisting?
Questions initiate everything, so what question are you not asking?
What truths are not being addressed or spoken about in your relationships?
What is a need you have that you haven’t articulated?

About The Brand

true to the core™ is a reminder and provoker of how we live our lives and the reflection of that in our communication and behavior. The true to the core™ philosophy challenges the intent, content, and delivery of all aspects of our interactions with the rest of our world. It puts you at the forefront; of what you value and what you want, with the consciousness of your role and actions in getting it. 

Unlocking The Power Of
Authentic Communication

Effective communication is essential because it allows us to be heard, understood, and validated. It helps us to change perspectives, motivate others, and take action. Ultimately, it enables us to gain support, persuade others, and build strong relationships based on trust and confidence.

The Asset

Organizations struggle with it. Leadership commands it. Our representation and integrity are the results of it. Whether we are negotiating, team building, leading or inspiring, our message can be managed with authenticity and effectiveness when practiced considerations are applied. It's a tool we always have handy - yet, we must be confident and ready to use it as the asset it is.

Recipes for Relationships

We're not just talking about the intimate kind. Whether teams, families, communities or departments, professional and personal relationships require effort. Developing, maintaining, avoiding conflict, and reaping the rewards of all/any relationships relies on clarity of communication and behavior and understanding your part in it.

true to the core™ Conversations

Conflicts, regrets, misunderstandings, and emotions are all residual impacts of communication that have gone awry - left as hopeless or to be avoided at best. Yet, there is always a conversation to be had, whether toward resolution, a better understanding or closure. The difficult ones are the most rewarding.

Core Offerings


Like with a good book, be inspired, thought provoked, or given insight by reconnecting with the core through a keynote or personalized address.


We can’t do it alone. Deepen your relationship with yourself; having someone navigate your thoughts, emotions and desires into actions and outcomes. Finding the answers for your best life is the journey.


A custom experience that enhances your team's ability to learn, evolve and push past current limits. Facilitating objective support of ideas transfer, communication exchange, and actions for outcomes.

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