Nellie Vieira

I am the founder of true to the core™ specializing in communication and behavior that effects positive relationship management. 

I blend philosophy and psychology with the competencies, practices, and, techniques that create both the business and individual case client success stories. 

As a Certified Professional Coach, and NLP Practitioner…it has qualified me with the privilege of listening and offering advice. I am an undergraduate of cognitive and behavioral psychologyforever a student learning, evolving and sharing.

After 15 years in manufacturing, national supply management, and continuous improvementthe corporate days. As a facilitator with an impressive and eclectic client list in a variety of sectors and servicesall word of mouth. 

"Feel the fear...and do it anyway!"


Conscious communication is key…because we desire to be heard, understood, validated…because we struggle to shift thinking, motivate, initiate action…because we look to gain support, persuade or influence…because we need confidence, trust and relationships.

More than 25 years of success and results with consulting, training and coaching for organizations, groups and individuals is what gives me the confidence and privilege to do what I do.


Like with a good book, be inspired, thought provoked, or given insight by reconnecting with the core through a keynote or personalized address.


We can’t do it alone. Deepen your relationship with yourself; having someone navigate your thoughts, emotions and desires into actions and outcomes. Finding the answers for your best life is the journey.


A custom experience that enhances your team's ability to learn, evolve and push past current limits. Facilitating objective support of ideas transfer, communication exchange, and actions for outcomes.

Make The Change.