“Nellie is a mentor who has helped me through a stressful work situation and provided excellent advice. She has also taught me wisdom in all aspects of my life. Nellie is kind, giving, and adds value to my life.”

Enterprise Risk Insurance Manager

Sheridan Collage

Nellie is THE mentor for me: for yesterday, for today, and for tomorrow.

My first time engaging Nellie was because of my extreme stressful work situation. Nellie took her time to first fully understand the complicated case and then provided excellent suggestions both at the strategic level and detailed procedure levels. She enabled me to successfully complete my job resulting in a surprise raise from my CFO.

Then I found Nellie is way more than just a crisis management advisor, and I started to engage her for a general mentoring program and benefited tremendously. She really is teaching me about wisdom in all perspectives of my life, including work, family, friends, etc.

Nellie has many “gold” pieces of advice that I now practice daily, such as “Always find what’s in other people’s mind”; “Feelings are mutual”, etc.

Besides her “technical” strength, Nellie is also extremely kind and giving. Often she would incur extra time in order to answer my questions in detail; she would squeeze her busy schedule when I have urgent needs for her advice.

In conclusion, if to use one word to describe Nellie: she adds Value.

Thank you, Nellie, from my heart, for giving me so much Value in over more than a decade.